Advisory Services

The Advisory division of Fletcher International Services (FIS) provides strategic thinking that can help you promote and manage a more successful company and quickly identify opportunities and risks.

Strategy & Optimization

Each business or aspiring individual can become too close to what they’re doing or where they’re going. Sometimes they can’t quite see the way forward. We provide Vision and Perspective to see beyond what is, to what could be using tools to evaluate and strategically solve your most critical challenges.

Image & Re-Identification

To position yourself for optimum success takes more than just passion and a good idea. Our Re-Identification process goes far beyond the face-lift most have come to know as branding. From the ground up, we examine the most complex part of you or your business and where your ideas and aspirations come from to help you formulate and define who you are and what you want.

Global Business Expansion

Launching out or expanding into a global market takes more than planning. It takes understanding. Our Global Expansion Programs (GEP) can help you to be better aware of customs, cultures, climates, economies, governments, policies and other elements that can affect a new or expanding business venture. Through our GEP, we also offer services in global business development by assisting you in finding qualified partners, business opportunities and businesses.

Career Transition

While vision and purpose may stay the same, your mission and passion is likely to change across time Wisdom is looking ahead and taking a calculated risk uncertain of what the future might bring but certain you’ve taken careful consideration in charting a new course. From a well-rounded view, we can help you design, refine and critically think through your next step or stage.

market reports

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